Cozy Corners: Building the Perfect Reading Nook for Your Little Bookworm!

Hey there, fellow parents!

So, picture this: a cozy nook filled with colorful books, squishy cushions, and your little one nestled in happily flipping through pages. That's the magic of a reading corner! ūüďö‚ú®

When my daughter hit 9 months, I decided to¬†create¬†not one, but two reading corners‚ÄĒone in our living room and another in her bedroom. And let me tell you, it's been a game-changer during her independent play.

It's incredible how children just seem to be drawn to these spots. My daughter can spend a good 10 minutes exploring the pages of her favorite books, completely captivated and lost in her own little world. And honestly, there's nothing quite like witnessing that pure joy and concentration.

Now, if you're hoping to create your own reading haven for your little bundle of joy, fret not! I've got you covered with a simple material list!

1. Floating Clear Acrylic Shelves

These shelves are the foundation for your reading corner as they will hold the books. I made sure to install them at my daughter's height for easy access. 

2. Scarves 

These scarves are a great decorative touch but they also work as a gross motor pulling activity and they are a great dancing/music prop.

3. Water Wipes 

These are a life saviour when I need to quickly wipe off books, sticky fingers or drool! They can be used all around the house for your little one.

4. Books! 

It is time to bring the books out of go on a book hunt. Here are my favourite books: 

Black Is A Rainbow Colour 

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Slide and Find

How To Code A Sandcastle

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