Montessori-Inspired Entryway: A Guide for Canadian Parents

Parents and caregivers who reside in Canada, this blog is tailored for you!

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Anita Abera, I have a curious 10-month-old daughter, and I'm currently expecting my second child. Maternity leave has provided me with a unique opportunity to draw upon my background in education as I try to enrich my daughter's developmental journey.

I love how instagram provides quick access to toys, tips, and diverse pedagogical approaches, all centered around child development. Amidst the many tasks of parenthood, I found myself finally organizing my saved Instagram posts to introduce new skills and routines that I want to establish as norms for my daughter's growth. After the tedious work of organizing the posts and following accounts that aligned with my vision, I was ready to purchase some products - all to find that they do not deliver to Canada. If you are reading this blog, I imagine you experienced the same frustration after saving, liking and swooning over products.

This article aims to highlight specific items that are available in Canada for you to create a Montessori-inspired entryway for your child!

At 10 months old, I do not expect my daughter to independently hang up her jacket or wait for me to remove her shoes. However, I do want these actions to become routine for her in the near future. By exposing her to this space daily and encouraging interaction at her current developmental stage, I hope to establish a foundation for these routines.

Now, let's dive into the items needed to create this space! Go mini! Everything needs to be at your child’s height and appropriate for their size.

Finding an affordable Montessori-style chair (one that was low and wide) proved challenging. After exploring options on Etsy and Amazon, I opted for the FUNLIO Montessori Weaning Table and Chair Set from Amazon, priced at $110.73 including tax.

Coat Rack
I chose the Milliard Kids Coat Tree Rack from Amazon, priced at $41.80 including tax. I utilized only one section to maintain a low height, storing the additional sections for future use. I may consider installing a low hook inside the closet as an alternative storage solution in the future. This is a great option for people who want less items out in their entryway. As my daughter grows, this coat rack will transition seamlessly into a wonderful prop for the dress-up corner I've been envisioning for some time.

Acrylic Mirror
I wanted my daughter to see herself as she prepares in this space, so I purchased this Animal/Cloud Acrylic Mirror Wall Sticker. I decided to use the elephant sticker on the wall to promote her visual senses, language development, and self-confidence. I also purchased this Cloud Shape Decor Wall Sticker Mirror but I decided to use it somewhere else.

Here is the our Montessori-Inspired Entryway:


So what does my daughter actually do in this space?

My daughter's interactions with this space are evolving. We started using this area at 9 months and initially she was hesitant to sit in the chair. Now she spends a few moments seated, occasionally reaching for the coat rack and looking at herself in the mirror. I sing lots of made up songs about sitting in the chair which keeps her seated and entertained for a little longer! I am happy with all of this because she is simply engaging with this space and that is all I can expect at this age!

Establishing a Montessori-inspired entryway nurtures your child's development by fostering independence and routine. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts where I'll explore more aspects of our journey, including our favorite musical toys and ways to introduce coloring to your child.

Thank you to all the readers for taking the time to engage with my blog post; I hope you found it informative and inspiring!

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